Jane Herzenberg

As an artist, Jane Herzenberg works with natural fabrics, exploring the relationship between painting, Shibori dyeing, Rozome and hand embellishment to create art to wear. Images and feelings drawn from her experiences combine with research into the technical properties of dyes and fabrics to allow Herzenberg to integrate her ideas of surface design into a tangible art form.

Herzenberg's hand-made fashions are known for their rich saturated hues of color, unexpected textures and bold graphics. The art of successfully combining unique surface design treatments and fabrics with the cut and drape of silk is a wonder in engineering and beauty.  

Jane Herzenberg uses only the finest fabrics to create beautiful designs that fit and flatter a woman's body — always keeping in mind ease of care and comfort. 

Herzenberg's unique approach to business as an artist has allowed her to pursue her vision, proudly creating her fashions entirely in New England. 

Each piece of beautiful clothing is painted, dyed and embellished by hand, producing unique designs for unique women.